Residential Losses

You are probably like most homeowners, the preparation of a property damage claim without the assistance of their own insurance loss adjuster is unfamiliar territory. The documents are filled with complicated jargon and calculations that only an insurance claims adjuster will thoroughly understand, such as: depreciation, replacement costs, and actual cash value.

At times, the list seems endless, especially when you have enough on your hands just getting your life back together. But it´s your responsibility to document and prove your claim to the insurance company, either by yourself or with the aid of a public adjuster.

Many policyholders just like you, have asked the same questions:

  • How do I estimate my loss?
  • Will I recover enough to rebuild?
  • Can I do this myself, without a public insurance adjuster?
  • How do I know for certain that I am being treated fairly?
  • Will I get paid for my ALE, or Additional Living Expenses?
  • Should I sign that document from the contractor?  After all, he said he was going to take care of me!
  • Is it true that if I make a mistake on my claim that the insurance company can actually deny MY ENTIRE CLAIM?
The uncertainty is easily removed through the professional assistance of our proven team of property loss consultant experts.

If you have a claim, give us a call.  We will give you some suggestions and assist you with questions you may have and see if we can be of help in your particular situation.  Thank you very much.