Case Studies

1.  We worked for one homeowner of a terrible fire who recieved their first dwelling estimate from State Farm in the amount of $162,000.   We were
     hired and we found several things that the adjuster did not account for, and our dwelling estimate was over $262,000.

2.  Before we were hired by an insured, the insurance company "encouraged" the homeowner to consider hiring one of their "premier contractors",
     which they did.  We were hired 18 months after the fire when they had moved back into their home. We found problems clearly indicating that
     the adjuster and the contractor were actually working together and the homeowner did not recieve what her policy allowed for.  We had to
     request that the contractor would do several repairs, along with taking the brand new windows out that he had put in and reinstalling them due
     to poor installation. We went back into the claim and obtained several thousand dollars more for the homeowner.

3.  We were hired by an insured who the insurance company accused the homeowner of starting the fire, and they refused to pay for the
     damages.  Even though this homeowner did NOT start the fire in their home, they had to endure a hardship as the insurance company brought
     in a "hired gun" who almost begged the insurance company to allow him to continue to work on the case.  We found out that the insurance
     company's hired gun had a reputation for ALWAYS accusing the homeowner and working only for insurance companies.  Bottom line is that we
     were able to work for the insured and they were paid in full with our efforts.